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MailToEncode ( address , ccaddress , bccaddress , subject , body )

function to encode a message into a mailto url

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Caspar Harmer   Caspar Harmer
Digital Fusion Ltd

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  Sample input:
MailToEncode("";"";"";"Hi Bob";"Man, this function is just sooo incredibly handy. I love Caspar and all his work"
  Sample output:

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Takes email message data and encodes it into a "mailto" url.
allows a user to send mail from IWP easily. All they need to do is use the "Open Url" script step with MailToEncode as the url. 
Note: uses UrlEncode to encode non-standard text characters so they can be sent in the url

Main benefit: you don't need to know how to use "mailto" to send an email using IWP



Brian Rich   Brian Rich, Studley/Warks/UK
Jan 12, 2010
This plug-in works perfectly on a Mac using Firefox or Safari and Apple Mail.

On Windows XP nothing happens in Firefox or IE8 with Outlook. Safari says that Windows doesn't recognise the mailto command.

If I use FMP Client 10 or 9 Advanced, I see an error 5 (Command invalid) when I run the script which does the OpenURL. This doesn't happen on a Mac.

The application is hosted on FMP10 Server Advanced running on Vista Business. Is otherwise rock solid.
dzed   dzed, zedzedze
Oct 31, 2014

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