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ParseText ( Text, BeginText, EndText )

Parses text from an e-mail message generated by a custom form

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Tim Cimbura   Tim Cimbura

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  Sample input:
"City: Maple Grove¶State:¶MN¶Address: 123 Anywhere Street¶" ; "City:" ; "¶"
  Sample output:
"Maple Grove"

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

The custom function is very useful to pull items out of any e-mail message that has been sent via a web form. It will look for a return, tab, space, or no delimiter between the BeginText and the start of the field info.



Roger Biel   Roger Biel, Casa Grande, Arizona
May 13, 2011
By Adding a test for both the Begin & End text the result will return NULL if the markers are missing.
Case( PatternCount ( Text ; BeginText ) < 1;""; PatternCount ( Text ; EndText ) < 1;"";
Chunk1<>""; Left(Chunk1;
Position(Chunk1; EndText; 1; 1)-1);"" )
Sarah   Sarah, Iowa
Jul 14, 2015
This function doesn't seem to work if the "BeginText" represents the first characters in "Text"...

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