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HolidayListByYear ( yearNumber )

Creates a list of holiday names and dates for a given year.

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Jonathan Mickelson   Jonathan Mickelson

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  Sample input:
HolidayListByYear ( 2004 )
  Sample output:
"New Year's Day = 1/1/2004¶
Martin Luther King Day = 1/19/2004¶

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

This function returns a list of US (can be modified for other countries) Holiday Names for the supplied 4 digit Year, followwed by a "=" and its actual date that year. The list of Holidays can be found/modified/expanded in the Variable declarations within the calculation.

NOTE: This function requires the use of another custom function called: "DateByDayOccur" which performs date calculations for holidays which occur on certain occurances of a day within a month, as in the example of Thanksgiving which falls on the "Fourth Thursday of November".

Output: Text value List of Holiday Names followed by "=" and the date

HolidayListByYear ( 2004 ) = "New Year's Day = 1/1/2004¶
Martin Luther King Day = 1/19/2004¶

Parameters: yearNumber - any valid 4 digit Year

Special thanks: To Dan Kaplan, of for distilling
many holiday/calendaring sources on the net.



Sterling Ledet   Sterling Ledet, Atlanta, GA
Aug 14, 2016
The Thanksgiving Day subroutine is inconsistent with the other ones and is missing a space. Should be
"Thanksgiving Day = " &
DateByDayOccur ( Y ; 11 ; 5 ; 4 ) & "¶"
Jonathan   Jonathan, Los Angeles
Mar 6, 2017
Thanks for the note Sterling, this has now been fixed in the source on this site.

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