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HighlightWords ( theText ; searchString ; start ; range )

Formats occurences of searchString within theText to look like the results of a Google search!

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Ryan Brandys   Ryan Brandys
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  Sample input:
HighlightTitleWords ( "
The Bricklin years were an important chunk of my life because I invested all the equity I had and lost it. It taught me things, like humility.

DeLorean spent eight years doing what took us two years, spent US$200 million or more doing it, and failed. He certainly had more credentials than us. Building a car company to build one car--I don't recommend it as a good investment." ; "delorean" ; 1 ; 40 )
  Sample output:
Title: Malcolm Bricklin , By: Holloway, ... t. It taught me things, like humility. DeLorean spent eight years doing what took us tw ...

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

This script is designed to transform theText to mimic the results of a google search for searchString.

Occurences of searchString are Boldened, and if the occurences are very far apart, the text between them is shortened with an ellipsis (...)

You provide the function with:

theText ( a block of text or an article )
searchString ( the phrase you are searching for)
start ( use 1 to begin at the beginning of theText)
range ( the number of characters between occurences before an ellipsis is used )

And it provides you with a shorter block of text that looks like it came from your own private google search of your filemaker records.

Notes: This function is recursive. This function is not case-sensitive because most users would want all occurences of the searchString to appear regardless of case.

I highly recommend calling this function as shown below. this will remove extra carriage returns and turn the text black.

TextColor (

Substitute (

HighlightWords ( theText ; searchString ; 1; 40 )

; ΒΆ ; " " )

; RGB ( 0;0;0 ) )



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