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FormatAsDate ( text )

Returns the given text as the valid complete formatted date: gg/mm/aaaa

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Daniele Raybaudi   Daniele Raybaudi

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  Sample input:
FormatAsDate ( "1103" )
  Sample output:

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Custom Function: FormatAsDate

Daniele Raybaudi email:


FormatAsDate ( text )


text - any text expression or text field
Accept inserted text as:
American Settings: m/d; mm/d; m/dd; mm/dd; mdyy; m/d/yy; m/dd/yy; mm/d/yy; mmddyy; mm/dd/yy; m/d/yyyy; mmddyyyy; m/dd/yyyy; mm/d/yyyy; mm/dd/yyyy
International Settings: d/m; dd/m; d/mm; dd/mm; dmyy; d/m/yy; d/mm/yy; dd/m/yy; ddmmyy; dd/mm/yy; d/m/yyyy; ddmmyyyy; d/mm/yyyy; dd/m/yyyy; dd/mm/yyyy

Pseudo-Date(text): to use the result for date calculation, you'll need GetAsDate(Result)

Returns the given text as the valid complete formatted date: mm/dd/yyyy (for american systems) or dd/mm/yyyy (for international systems) ;
any invalid entry (not a date) returns: error
BTW this isn't a recursive function, so you can use it as a calc !



Doug Hogg   Doug Hogg, Los Angeles
Apr 2, 2010
This function was a big help with the conversion of a solution from an Omnis database. By modifying this function, I was able to accept the date input patterns that users have been used to on the old system. For example, they like to enter only a 2-digit year or a month and 2 digit year.

Thanks. :-)
Brett Davidson   Brett Davidson, Hemet
Jul 16, 2018

I am trying to use your custom function, but

MasterDate = 8/7/2018


FormatAsDate (MasterDate + 1)

I get my date as 8/8/2018

but I want 8/8

How do I do this?

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