Brian Dunning's FileMaker Custom Functions

NthItem ( text ; delimiter ; itemnumber )

Returns the text item specified from a list of items seperated by specified delimiter

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Drew Boone   Drew Boone
Doulos Ministries, Inc.

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  Sample input:
NthItem ("red,white,green,blue";
  Sample output:

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I found this function quite useful when working in REALBasic, so I engineered this solution for FMP. Basically, it will select the specified item in a list. One of its best features is that the user can specify the delimiter for the items in the list. For example. If I only want the 3 byte of an IP address I can specify "." as the delimiter.



Oliver   Oliver, CT
Apr 5, 2015
For NumberOfDelimiters I would use PatternCount rather than your expression.

If one is using a multiple character delimiter e.g."||" it might because a single "|" could occur in text -- in which case your expression would return say 3.5 instead of 3 if text was:


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