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RepCalendar ( SelectedMonth ; SelectedYear )

CF to display calendar numbers in repeating fields.

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Don Wieland   Don Wieland
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  Sample input:
Calendar ( "September" , "2005" )
  Sample output:
Rep 1 = ""
Rep 2 = ""
Rep 5 = 1
Rep 6 = 2
Rep 7 = 3
Rep 34 = 30
Rep 35 = ""
Rep 36 = ""
Rep 37 = ""

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

CF to display calendar numbers in repeating fields.

MODIFIED 9/15/2009 - by request, added dimmed days outside of the select Month/Year. Now uses 42 Reps.

This CF is a optimized CF based on a tip file created by ISO Productions. Thanks guys for the foundation.

Since FMP7 allows you to specify the range of Repeating Field, it makes define a calendar easy.

Basically, you stack the same field displaying the rep ranges as follows:

Reps 1-7
Reps 8-14
Reps 15-21
Reps 22-28
Reps 29-35
Reps 36-42

To get a fuctional example file of this CF and the related scripting (for navigation and selecting a day), browse to our site at and select the TIPS button link.

KNOWN ISSUE - unfortunately to get this CF to update there needs to be a REFRESH WINDOW [] step on all navigation scripts (FMP7 bug). If you need the ability to select a Month or Year from a value list, just use the CF calculation in the definitions of the Calendar field itself and change the first two variables to the proper field names (note: our sample files does not demonstrate this).



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