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Acronym ( text )

Returns the first letter of each word in phrase (in upper case).

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  Sample input:
Acronym("Your mileage may vary")
  Sample output:

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

Here is another recursive function which is designed to extract the initial letter of each word in the supplied text.

It may have a number of practical applications, including returning the initals from a name field or the acronym from a company name.

... or maybe you'd like to use it as the 'core technology' for a FileMaker guessing game that will keep your kids entertained some rainy day. :)



Dan Stein   Dan Stein, Bala Cynwyd
Nov 15, 2016
This is a bit shorter as a case statement

Case ( WordCount ( text ) > 0 ;

Upper ( Left ( text ; 1 ) ) & Acronym_CFpub ( RightWords ( text ; WordCount ( text ) - 1 ) ) ;

Ray Cologon   Ray Cologon, Melbourne
Nov 15, 2016
Hi Dan,

The change you're suggesting doesn't depend on the use of the Case( ) function. If you want to use they type of syntax you're envisioning, you'd be better off to go with:

Upper(Left(text; 1)) & Acronym(RightWords(text; WordCount(text) - 1));

Philip Rand   Philip Rand, Italy
Jul 8, 2018
Just to say I'm struggling with your function, but am grateful for the experience.
I still have to learn about Custom Functions.

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