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GetFontSize ( text )

Returns the size of the text font

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Daniele Raybaudi   Daniele Raybaudi

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Format: GetFontSize(text)

Parameter: text - any text expression or text field

Data type returned: number

Description: Returns the size of the text font



Michael Kupietz   Michael Kupietz, San Francisco
Sep 3, 2011
If you try to use it to get the text size of the active field, and the active field's text has not been resized from the field's default size, returns null string (""), not the text size.
Simon   Simon, Hull, UK
Nov 7, 2013
I find this works better, especially if there are numerals in the text. Obviously a nul value is returned if the text side has not been modified from the field default size. You can write in a formula to replace the nul value with your default value.

GetAsNumber ( Middle ( GetAsCSS( text ) ; Position ( GetAsCSS( text ) ; "font-size: " ; 1 ; 1 ) +11 ; 4 ) )

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