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Converts a number to the correct words, works with 2 decimals only

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  Sample input:
  Sample output:
Thirty One Thousand, Seven Hundred Seventeen M.T.s and Seven Kgs

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

* CREATED by Don Wieland as MoneytoWords
* Updated Aug 10th 2006 by Tim Anderson as as MoneytoWords2
* - "Modification of Don Wieland's CF to include an 'and' after hundreds where appropriate.
* - error in formula for numbers over a million, plus now gives :
* Seven Million, Six Hundred and Fifty Four Thousand and Twenty One pounds
* rather than: Seven Million, Six Hundred and Fifty Four Thousand, Twenty One pounds
* Updated by Eric van Oosterom
* - added expressions "Currency" and "DecimalCurr" so that people don't have to change anything in the CF itself.
* - Enclosed the whole formula in a let statement.
* - made the code better readable.
* - renamed the CF to NumbertoWords, slightly clearer name because it can be used for other number than only for money.



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