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cf_jsonFormat ( json ; indent )

replace tab in jsonFormateElement function, make json more readable

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  Sample input:
cf_jsonFormat ( Get ( InstalledFMPluginsAsJSON ) ; " " )
  Sample output:
"APIVers" : 1,
"plugins" :
"description" : "Version: 4.1.4\n\nThis plug-in provides additional functionality for BaseElements from Goya.",
"filepath" : "filemac:/OS X/Users/jsl/Library/Application Support/FileMaker/FileMaker Pro/19.0/Extensions/BaseElements.fmplugin/",
"id" : "GyBE",
"name" : "BaseElements",
"state" : "Enabled",
"version" : "4.1.4"
"description" : "The MBS Plugin extends FileMaker with thousands of functions.\n\nVersion, build 5391 from May 17 2021.\n\nSee for more information.",
"filepath" : "filemac:/OS X/Users/jsl/Library/Application Support/FileMaker/FileMaker Pro/19.0/Extensions/MBS.fmplugin/",
"id" : "MBSP",
"name" : "MBS Plug-In",
"state" : "Enabled",
"version" : ""

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

jsonFormatElements use tab as a spacer, if you think it's too wide to view,
you can this function to shrink the space
or you can use another chacacters to ruin the json



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