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BarcodeSVG ( _type ; _value ; _height ; _width ; _webViewerName ; _options ; _quietZoneSize )

Produce SVG barcodes via Webviewer (thanks to Froatsnook's javascript)

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ThomasSeidler   ThomasSeidler - Show more from this author
The Good Book Company Ltd

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  Sample input:
Webviewer calculation: BarcodeSVG ( "GS1 128" ; "00" & "050607026500000090" ; 100 ; 300 ; "" ; "" ; "" )

Webviewer calculation: BarcodeSVG ( "GS1 128" ; "00" & "050607026500000090" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "barcode_webviewer" ; "" )
  Sample output:
SVG GS1 128 barcode, 100x300pts... (i.e. highly printable, onscreen scannable etc.)
SVG GS1 128 barcode, resizing to fit webviewer exactly...

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

Read froatsnook's javascript. The @summary section in barcode.js in particular, for variable usage.

Please note: Kyle's comment below references area in code now marked:
/* #Dict2Var ( _options ; "" ) –– please USE SOME CUSTOM FUNCTION for "MULTIPLE NAMED PARAMETERS TO VARIABLES" here, my solution is part of such a large web of functions, I daren't upload it, see link from Kyle below! */



Kyle Williams   Kyle Williams, Dreamclinic Massage
Jun 29, 2019
There appears to be a missing custom function that is required for this to work.
This line from the Let function shows a custom function "#Dict2Var" being used:
_set = If ( Length(_options) ; #Dict2Var ( _options ; "" ) ) ;

Problem is that there is no custom function by that name on this site.
Julio Toledo   Julio Toledo, Automation USA LLC
Aug 25, 2019
Kyle Williams, et al.,

I was able to track down the missing '#Dict2Var' custom function in a demo file available for download on Thomas Seidler's "" site.

Several other useful functions in that demo file. Perhaps Mr. Seidler will so kind as to upload them to this site and/or GitHub...

Meanwhile, the direct uri is:
ThomasSeidler   ThomasSeidler, The Good Book Company Ltd
Aug 28, 2019
thanks Kyle for your patience! Apologies for not uploading other functions, they are part of too wide a spread, and I assume most folk wanting SVG barcodes may already have their own preferred approach to handling multiple named parameters/dictionaries/keyed arrays. I've updated code in place, as I note I had not commented out my custom function properly.

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