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Assign JSON Object passed as Script Parameter to variables automatically

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Empowered Data Solutions

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  Sample input:
JSON.AssignScriptParameters() // Script Named ShowDialog(title;message)
  Sample output:
Variables set $title, $message equal to values in JSON Object passed as Script Parameter

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

* =====================================
* JSON.AssignScriptParameters
* Modified from #AssignScriptParameters
* JSON.AssignScriptParameters uses the current script parameter assuming
* JSON format to declare and populate a series of locally or globally scoped script
* variables. Params with single or no $ are set to locally scoped
* and params starting with "$$" are set to globally scoped variables.
* JSON.AssignScriptParameters also uses the current script name to determine
* whether or not all required named parameters are populated (≠ Null).
* i.e. Assuming appropriate JSON is passed as a parameter a script with the name
* TestScript(a;$b;$$c) would have three variables set $a, $b, and $$C
* True (1) when the script parameter is a valid set of name-value pairs (which
* includes the empty string) and all parameters defined as required according to
* the script name are non-null; False (0) otherwise.
* PORTED on 2019-03-28 by Michael Wallace of Empowered Data Solutions
* ( to use JSON parameters and other improvements
* MODIFIED on 2010-10-04 by to return explicit True or
* False values indicating successful evaluation of the script parameter, and to
* fit syntax inspired by a comment on by
* Richard Dyce.
* CREATED on 2010-03-13 by Jeremy Bante of Kyo Logic (
* INSPIRED by an example in the FileMaker help documentation.
* =====================================



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