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TimeZoneAdjustTime ( startTime ; startTimeZoneUTC ; desiredTimeZoneUTC )

Converts a time from one time zone to another

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  Sample input:
TimeZoneAdjustTime ( "10:30 PM" ; -5 ; -8 )
TimeZoneAdjustTime ( "10:30 PM" ; "-5:00" ; "-8:00" )
TimeZoneAdjustTime ( "12:45 AM" ; -8 ; -12 )
TimeZoneAdjustTime ( "10:30 AM" ; "-7:00" ; "-2:00" )
TimeZoneAdjustTime ( "4:20 PM" ; "-8:00" ; "+5:30" )
  Sample output:
"7:30 PM" // ie. US Eastern to US Pacific
"8:45 PM" // ie. US Pacific to US Hawaii
"7:30 AM" // ie. US Mountain to RJ, Brazil
"5:50 AM" // ie. US Pacific to Mumbai, India

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

Converts a Time in a specified time zone to a different time zone, using the UTC number -5:00 or +3:00, representing the UTC Time Zone of the location, or their numeric versions -5 and +3 accordingly.

NOTE: Partial times in Time Zones must use the +11:30 UTC format.

NOTE: This calc does NOT take into account Daylight Savings Time in parameters. As such, it assumes the areas converted are all in the same Standard Time (SD) or Daylight Savings Time DST timezone offset. You can add in the DST calculations in your input, thus if you would normally use -5 for Eastern Standard Time, just make your input -4 for the Eastern DST. Both inputs for Timezone can use this technique, thus leaving the non-adjusted time zone for Hawaii would effectively convert from the ET (DST) to Hawaii (ST).



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