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HTML_this ( Text, Line, Bolded, Italics, Uline, Font, Size, Color, BGcolor, Justification )

Simple function to add basic old school HTML formatting to a block of text.

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  Sample input:
HTML_this ( $YourText ; 1 ; 1 ; 1 ; "yes" ; "Arial" ; 4 ; "Red" ; "Yellow" ; "left" )
  Sample output:
Well I can't show it here but you'd end up with Bolded Italic Underlined Larger Red text on a Yellow background, Left justified, and in it's own line

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

This is a very simple function meant to give a block of Text some basic 'ol skool HTML formatting, particularly for something like eMailing with the BaseElements BE_SMTP functions (not required for this to work).

This does NOT format a whole page, or substitute for line returns (see the bottom of the comments for one suggestion on how to do this), and I'm certain it could be done in a cooler way, or with fancy CSS, or HTML5 compliant goodies. But this worked perfect for me for assembling a HUGE bunch of variables made up of different parts of a report from multiple records across tables, and allowing me to format them individually to send out a snazy eMail message with emphasis wherever I wanted. I just built this quickly for something I needed. Feel free to swipe and improve. Hope it helps you.

Note: This will format all of the "Text" component the same way, but only the text within this function.

For each yes or no value either "yes" or the numeral 1 evaluates as "True"
For all other values a specific answer is required, otherwise put "" and it will be ignored.

"Text" is your text obviously. But this can be extensive, like a "List" of related records.

"Line" means it is encapsualted in "

"Bold", "Italics", and "Uline" (underline) are self explanatory, either on or off .

Font should be: "Arial", "Courier", "Georgia", "Times", "Trebuchet", or "Verdana"
You can enter these words alone and the function will substitute the recommended equivalents such as "Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif". Or enter the whole thing if you want.

Size should be a number from 1 to 7 which defines the size of the text. Browser default is 3.

Color should be one of…
color_name (like "red")
hex_number (like "#ff0000")
An extensive list of color names and hex numbers can be found here:

"Justification" should be "left", "center", "right", or "justified"

SUGGESTION: If you want to send one or more of these components in an eMail, you may want to wrap them in an HTML header. (the BaseElements BE_SMTPSend function also allows for a separate text version of the eMail, which is recommended). You could do something like below (which I swiped from somewhere else). Feel free to change the default font info, that's just what will happen to anything you don't use this function on.




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