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DefineVariables ( global_boolean )

stores all passed variables as local ($) or global ($$) variables

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Jeff Drake   Jeff Drake
Drakeling Technologies

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  Sample input:
Include the script step:

Set Variable [ $_ ; Value: DefineVariables ( True ) ]

…in a script with parameter:

List (
"customerID:15" ;
"orderID:" & 26 ;
"description:" & Quote ( "purchased by customer on¶date\: 28 Dec 2009" )
) //end List
  Sample output:
$_ will be empty, but the following variables are set:

$$customerID = 15
$$orderID = 26
$$description = "purchased by customer on¶date: 28 Dec 2009"

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

Purpose: Create local ($) or global ($$) variables from a return-delimited list of subparameters,
as specified in the script parameter and/or result. If the global_boolean is set to True, the function
will create global ($$) variables; if it is set to False, the function will create local ($) variables.


List (
"VariableName1:Value1" ;
"VariableName2:Value2" ;

) //end List

For ease of reading, the subparameters may be declared in separate strings, e.g.

"VariableName:" & "ValueName"

• DefineVariables_
• TrimFrom

Warning: if any variable contains a multiline value in which any subsequent line
begins with a single word followed by a colon, said colon must be preceded by a
backslash, e.g. "Four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth¶" &
"First\\: a new nation".

Note: includes dependencies to DefineVariables_ and TrimFrom custom functions.



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