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CurrencyFlex ( Input )

Currency format requiring at least two but allowing more decimals and keeps trailing zeros. Useful for "Each" or Unit pricing that cannot be rounded and may involve fractions of pennies that should be displayed as formatted currency which FM cannot do.

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  Sample input:
CurrencyFlex ( 1 )
CurrencyFlex ( 1.1 )
CurrencyFlex ( 1.111 )
CurrencyFlex ( 1.100 )
CurrencyFlex ( 1.1001000 )
CurrencyFlex ( 1234567.100 )
CurrencyFlex ( -1.100 )
CurrencyFlex ( 1- )
CurrencyFlex ( 1..123 )
CurrencyFlex ( 123.45.678 )
  Sample output:

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

This custom function produces a dollar currency formatted number with a dot decimal symbol and displays at least two or more decimals while maintaining trailing zeros. This is useful for displaying formatted commodity unit pricing that may involve fractions of pennies and/or trailing zeros. It doesn’t require you to pre-define the decimal precision but rather flexes the precision along with that of the Input value, thus the name CurrencyFlex.

FileMaker has no native way accomplish this and will either force you to select a fixed decimal precision or will strip off trailing zeros and not provide the minimum two decimals in traditional currency format.

Extraneous text is filtered out. Negative input numbers are maintained.

NOTE: You MUST configure the FileMaker field display option of "As Entered" or else the custom function formatting will not show.

This custom function was inspired from the "AddDollarFormat ( Number )" by Jeremiah Small of Soliant Consulting. Thanks also to “MB, Holland” for pointing out the NumToJText function to simplify integer formatting. Special thanks to Brian Dunning for this website.

Jan 10, 2017 KE - fixed issue when the input number field was blank.

Feb 9, 2017 KE - changed function parameter name from Number to Input to indicate any mixed number and text values are allowed. Implemented use of NumToJText function to greatly simplify integer formatting.



MB   MB, Holland
Feb 8, 2017
please look at: that function makes very smart use of the native numtojtext() funtion.

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