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Get_Index ( TableName ; FieldName ; RecordSeparator )

Use SQL to obtain a sorted "Index" [ValueList] on a Field

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Chris Belanger   Chris Belanger
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  Sample input:
Get_Index ( "Company" ; "City" ; "¶")
  Sample output:

Red Deer

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

Parameters: TableName ; FieldName ; RecordSeparator [all TEXT]

Purpose: To instantly obtain a sorted "Index" of the values contained in TableName::FieldName

Uses a simple SQL query so it is VERY FAST!

I created this because I am analyzing a FMP solution that I need to replace, and it has lots of wonky data.

If you use a ¶ as a record separator, this creates a value list.
Could be modified to take input in FileMaker form such as TABLE::FIELDNAME instead. The function would just need to separate the Table & FieldName prior to the query.



Alex   Alex, Marienburg (DE)
Jun 30, 2018
I love the function, thank you so much.

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