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CSV_readField ( string ; value )

get's the N-th value in a csv

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Bert Kraan   Bert Kraan
Allied Pea's

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  Sample input:
Example CSV: "Header";"";"2015";"";"";"Chess";"";"";"no";....

If [ CSV_readField ( imported::string ; 1 ) = "Header" ]
Go to Record ....


Set Variable [ $Game ; Value:CSV_readField ( imported::string ; 6 )]
  Sample output:


$Game gets set to "Chess"

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

We get a csv from another system which needs to be "read"/interpreted and imported into filemaker. Importing is easy using filemaker's "Import Records" script step. After that :

The function enables me to read fields of which I know they contain information so I can put the values in filemaker.

I know which (N-th) field contains the information per the csv definition.



unix   unix, Japan
Jan 4, 2016
I wonder why do you say the "semi-colon separated value" as CSV.
Bert Kraan   Bert Kraan, Apeldoorn
Jan 5, 2016
In Europe we use the comma as a decimal separator, and it is custom to separate CSV's using a semicolon.

Otherwise differentiating between which comma is a decimal separator and wich is a field separator would be a real challenge.

unix   unix, Japan
Jan 6, 2016

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