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combineMultiplyValues ( list1 ; list2 )

a short CF to sequentially multiply numeric values between two different lists

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Eduardo Lemos   Eduardo Lemos

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  Sample input:
ListA = "2¶3¶4¶5¶6"
ListB = "6¶5¶4¶3¶2"
  Sample output:
with operator = "*", the result is

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

given two numerical lists, this recursive CF performs a mathematical binary operation between their [same-position] values — for example:

List01 * List02
Val01 * Val01
Val02 * Val02
Val03 * Val03
Val[n] * Val[n]

further, the binary operator may be changed to "/" or "-" or "+" or "^."
for example: given the numeric list1 "2¶3¶4¶5" and list2 "9¶8¶7¶6";
using operator "*" the CF results "18¶24¶28¶30"
using operator "/" the CF results ".222¶.375¶.571¶.833"
using operator "+" the CF results "11¶11¶11¶11"
using operator "-" the CF results "-7¶-5¶-3¶-1" and
using operator "^" the CF results "512¶6561¶16384¶15625"

thanks to Jonathan Stark for writing such elegant CF, and i hope i may've helped the community.



Eduardo Lemos   Eduardo Lemos, Victoria, Canada /Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dec 28, 2015
i tested the cf on all binary operations with lists using 10000 random values generated at textmechanic (; although it took over 20 seconds to handle some operations, the CF performed well.

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