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RemoveWords ( text ; toRemove )

Eliminates any/all words in a list from text

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Tim Anderson   Tim Anderson
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  Sample input:
RemoveWords ( "Leave only result" , "only¶leave" )
  Sample output:

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Very obviously based on the RemoveValues function, adapted to remove words from text. Created because I wanted to be able to remove common words from company name fields for simplified searching. For example when searching for 'The Filemaker Developers Company ltd' I will have a global for the toRemove containng words and abbreviations such as 'the', 'ltd', 'inc', 'co' giving me a key field of 'Filemaker Developers Company'. Then i will break this down using FilterKey nad FieldBeginsWith functions



Jamie Woods   Jamie Woods, Brisbane, Australia
Feb 2, 2015
This doesn't work when trying to use a Script Parameter.
Set the Script Parameter as a Variable at the beginning of a script


Set Field[gField::g1;RemoveWords(gField::g1;get(ScriptParameter)]

Does not work.

Set Variable [$SP; Value:Get(ScriptParameter)]

Set Field[gField::g1;RemoveWords(gField::g1;$SP]
Does work.

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