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TimeAsDecimal ( xTime )

Convert time into decimal

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Tony Tanevski   Tony Tanevski
Hi-Voltage Melbourne

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  Sample input:
TimeAsDecimal ( 2:30 )
  Sample output:

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Convert hours into decimal

Tony Tanevski
Hi-Voltage, Melbourne Australia



Bernard Moreau   Bernard Moreau, Borchtlombeek, Belgium.
Oct 26, 2015
Hour(xTime) + Minute(xTime) / 60
should work too, isn't it ?
comment   comment, VR
Oct 28, 2015
Or simply:

Time / 3600
Tony Tanevski   Tony Tanevski, Melbourne
Oct 28, 2015
Time / 3600 does work, but needs to be rounded as it can return multiple decimal places. i.e. 1:24:53s returns 1.4147222222222222

Whereas my function disregards the seconds completely - it just depends on whether you want to include seconds or not.
comment   comment, VR
Oct 28, 2015
Well, using your calculation, 00:01:00 will return 0.0166666666666667. Ignoring the seconds has nothing with this - all it accomplishes is making the calculation more complicated and the result less precise.
Tony Tanevski   Tony Tanevski, Melbourne
Oct 28, 2015
Yes you are right :)
Thomas Hellwig   Thomas Hellwig, Germany
Dec 26, 2015
So why don't you delete the wrong CF "round(xTime / 3600, 2)"?
Tony Tanevski   Tony Tanevski, Melbourne, Australia
Dec 26, 2015
No need to delete the custom function as it has been corrected.

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