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Array.SetCell ( array ; columnName ; rowName ; delimiter ; value )

Set a cell within a text array - useful for creating sparse CSV data for virtual list export.

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Richard Dyce   Richard Dyce
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  Sample input:
Array.SetCell ( ".A.B.C.D¶¶¶" ; "B" ; "2" ; "." ; "X" )
  Sample output:



  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

The function allows you to add to an existing array, created with say Array.Create(). Because you can change the delimiter it makes export sparse CSV data easier; create an empty array; fetch the data from an SQL query that returns a list of colName,rowName,value tuples; iterate over the list using Array.SetCell to fill in the blanks in the empty array.

Edited to make parameter order match other functions.



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