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DateAsNthWeekdayOfMonth ( date )

Returns date formatted as "Nth DayName of MonthName".

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  Sample input:
DateAsNthWeekdayOfMonth ( Date ( 4 ; 30 ; 2015) )

DateAsNthWeekdayOfMonth ( Date ( 1 ; 18 ; 2016) )
  Sample output:
5th Thursday of April

3rd Monday of January

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

Converts date to a string containing the name of the month, the name of the weekday and the ordinal number of the occurrence of the weekday in the month.

This function is NOT recursive.



Lee Smith   Lee Smith
Apr 2, 2015
The Parameters of “date” will not allow the CF to work. I changed it to “adate" in al of the pertinent places and it works like a charm.
comment   comment, VR
Apr 2, 2015

> The Parameters of “date” will not allow the CF to work.

I am well aware of that. See the discussion here:
Carl Rhoades   Carl Rhoades, Clinton Twp MI
Apr 28, 2015
I am tryint to find the oposite of this function. Such that I can enter from a couple of fields the "WeekOfTheMonth" eg 1,2,3,4,5 and "DayOfWeek" eg mon, tue, wed, and so on (or a number 1-7). which would then calculate a date in the upcoming month this would help for meeting dates like the 3rd tue of each month or for a next scheduled monthly service call that is always on the 2nd wed of each month
comment   comment, VR
Apr 28, 2015
@Carl This is not a good place to post your question. Why don't you join a forum?
Carl Rhoades   Carl Rhoades, Clinton Twp MI
Apr 29, 2015
Sorry, just thought you might have some insight since you defined it perfectly the other way around. FileMaker does all kinds of wonderful date function things if you give it a date but I find no way to start with some non date parameters and come up with a date. Thanks
Jeep Watson   Jeep Watson, Baltimore
May 28, 2015
@Carl Here's a dropbox link to a file that might be what you're looking for:

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