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 FileMaker Pro Custom Functions

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AutoCurrency ( number )

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Jeep Watson, Uptown Press

Auto Format Currency as you type

Sample Input:
Sample Output:

 Then copy & paste into FileMaker Advanced's Edit Custom Function window.


I use this CF to automatically format currency as the user types in a number field. The decimal point is automatically entered (the last 2 digits are the cents). It is used in conjunction with an OnObjectModify script trigger attached to the numeric field. The script called by the trigger consists of only one line:

AutoCurrency ( Filter ( table::field ; "0123456789" ) )

Note the filter to strip out everything except numbers.

In Layout Mode: Do NOT select entire contents on entry
Also set up the Data Formatting panel as follows:

Format as Currency
Fixed number of decimals = 2
Symbol = $
Decimal = .
Use thousands separator = ,

Editing an already populated field is a little tricky but could be done by highlighting and changing one digit at a time. Frankly the function is so fast that it is simpler to just re-enter the whole number or backspacing to the point where the change is needed and re-entering the remainder.

MANY thanks to Daniele Raybaudi for lots of brilliant tips over the years including the use of the NumToJText function as a formatting tool.

Here’s a dropbox link to a demo file:

Note: these functions are not guaranteed or supported by Please contact the individual developer with any questions or problems.

This is my Custom Function and I want to edit it


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Note that you have a problem when the last entered digit is a zero (or two zeros). This could be solved by using:

NumToJText ( Div ( number ; 100 ) ; 1 ; 0 ) & SerialIncrement ( ".00" ; Mod ( number ; 100 ) )

comment, VR
March 06, 2015 12:37pm

Sorry Michael, no disrespect to Agnes, I simply ran across a comment by Danielle in that reminded me of this functionality.

Thanks for the input. I had forgotten about the SerialIncrement function. Over the years I have always appreciated your ability to create a solution using the simplest, most concise methods. Years ago you helped me reduce a long, verbose calculation I was using to create the Sum of the Digits for a checksum to a single line using the complementary Div and Mod functions.

I will amend this function with the proper attributions. Thanks again for your contributions over the years.

Jeep Watson, Baltimore
March 08, 2015 8:08am

People like you make my days so much better!

Thanks for sharing your work, I really appreciate this function.

Alejandro, Quito, Ecuador
February 22, 2016 4:45pm

When I use this function with a calculation, It comes out as $3,705.55 instead of $370,555.00. Seems like there should be a work around, but I'm brand new to custom functions.


Scott, El Paso
August 05, 2016 1:17pm

Scott, El Paso

I reactivated the dropbox link above. Download the demo file and see if it helps.

Jeep Watson, Baltimore, MD
August 05, 2016 2:32pm

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