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HaversineDistance ( latx ; lony ; laty ; lony ; units )

compute shortest distance

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john renfrew   john renfrew

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  Sample input:
HaversineDistance ( 36.12 ; -86.67 ; 33.94 ; -118.4 ; "" )
  Sample output:
1794 mi 105.88 yds

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The haversine formula is an equation important in navigation, returning great-circle distances between two points on a sphere from their longitudes and latitudes.



Tim Anderson   Tim Anderson, Tim Anderson Group
Mar 4, 2015
Just to repay the compliment John, you a typo or 2!

HaversineDistance ( latx ; lony ; lat y ; lony ; units )
should be

HaversineDistance ( latx ; lonx ; laty ; lony ; units )?

john renfrew   john renfrew, attitude
Mar 4, 2015
Well spotted Mr Darcy...
Jeremy Bante's custom function uses the more complex Andoyer-Lambert-Thomas method if the coordinates are in the WGS84 coordinate system, and is more accurate, but this is within 99.98% of that, so for use in short distance calculations is as effective

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