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InterpretDateFromText ( dateText ; noResult )

interpret a date from a date as text string

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Tim Anderson   Tim Anderson
Tim Anderson Group

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  Sample input:
8th October 2009
9 February 2010
November 1 2007
  Sample output:

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

Will try and extract a date from text in a non standard format. Safely interprets dates in formats that FileMaker recognises

e.g. 8th October 2009, 9 February 2010, November 1 2007, 8/1/2008, 8.7.11

You have the option - ‘noResult’ - on what to return if a valid date cannot be found. Note that the month name must be either complete or only the first 3 letters, if you want/need to extend this just add more pairs of parameters in the Substitute command, but make sure that you put them in order of the length of the replaced text - see September as an example.



john renfrew   john renfrew, attitude
Feb 25, 2015
; ["Jan"; 1] ;
should be
; ["jan"; 1] ;
Tim Anderson   Tim Anderson, Tim Anderson Group
Feb 25, 2015
Thanks John, corrected!

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