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Mac_to_ASCII ( text )

Translates any text encoded in Mac OS Roman to plain US-ASCII encoded text

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Andreas Fischlin   Andreas Fischlin
ETH Zurich, Systems Ecology

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  Sample input:
Mac_to_ASCII ( "2° C is according to Krüger et al., 2009")
  Sample output:
2 degree C is according to Krueger et al., 2009

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

MacOS Roman characters above ordinal decimal number 127 up to 255 can not be encoded in US-ASCII. This routine nevertheless does that by matching the characters to an alternative character or if none exists to a small string, possibly enclosed blanks or with underscores. Ex.: Umlaute are translated from "Ü" to "Ue", "ä" to "ae", or accents are dropped, e.g. "é" to "e", or "°" is translated into " degree", or "¶" becomes "_EOL_". Of course some complicated cases, as the last example demonstrates, may not always look good, depending on circumstances. Feel free to edit this function accordingly. Note, this function attempts to translate ALL Mac OS Roman characters (for a definition of this character set see e.g. or



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