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GetEmailAddr ( Text )

Extracts email addresses from text

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Denham Morgan   Denham Morgan
NeuroScience Associates

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  Sample input:
Blah, Blah: at [], other text.
  Sample output:

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Adapted from Daniele Raybaudi's GetEmail function.
It extracts all email addresses from text.
Added a substitution filter for common characters found surrounding email addresses. Recursive function.

Thanks, Daniele Raybaudi for GetEmail!

12/17/2013 Added some more characters to filter out and fixed GetEmailAddr ( nextText )

10/22/2014 Corrected for blank line if no email addresses.



Bruce Robertson   Bruce Robertson
Dec 17, 2013
Small correction, toward the end GetEmail ( nextText ) should be GetEmailAddr ( nextText )
Till Seelemann   Till Seelemann, Leipzig, Germany
Oct 16, 2014
If you have only one address in the text, a blank line appears at the end of the result. Solution:

Case (
  count > 1; word & "¶" & GetEmailAddr (next text);
  count = 1; word;

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