Brian Dunning's FileMaker Custom Functions ( MyList ; FilterList )

Opposite of Filtervalues

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Jonathan Jeffery   Jonathan Jeffery

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  Sample input: ( "A¶B¶C¶D¶E¶F¶G¶H", "A¶E¶I¶O¶U" )
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This is the opposite of FileMaker's FilterValues function. It will return only the items from the first list that are *not* on the second list.



Malcolm Fitzgerald   Malcolm Fitzgerald, Wellington
Oct 7, 2016
This CF is Fastest of the "Opposite FilterValues" functions.

I ran repeated tests ( dozens, not hundreds ) on each CF.
I averaged the times and rounded down to the nearest 100ms.

1. MyList ; FilterList )
Jonathan Jeffery, igeek
~1400ms on 10,000 iterations

2. RemoveValue ( Values ; ValuesToRemove )
Koji Takeuchi, Freelance
~1700ms on 10,000 iterations

2. SubtractValues ( list ; list2 )
Jonathan Stark, Jonathan Stark Consulting
~1700ms on 10,000 iterations

3. AntiFilterValues( ListA; ListB )
Bruce Robertson, Concise Design
~5300ms on 10,000 iterations

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