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Dec2Bin ( decimalNumber ; binaryNumber )

Converts decimal number (positive integer) to binary number

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Ronald W. Satz   Ronald W. Satz
Transpower Corporation

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  Sample input:
Dec2Bin ( 10000000 , "" )
  Sample output:

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This custom function converts a base 10 number (a positive integer) to its equivalent base 2 value.



Vaughan Bromfield   Vaughan Bromfield
Mar 13, 2010
The function as posted does not compute: "theResult" is not defined before it is used in the Case statement. Also the function returns null if the decimal number is zero. The following changes seems to resolve both issues, but significant; testing has not been performed:


// Dec2Bin ( decimalNumber ; binaryNumber ) (binaryNumber is initially "")
// Converts decimal number to binary number
// By Ronald W. Satz
// 11-20-2004

Case (

decimalNumber = 0 and IsEmpty( binaryNumber ) ; 0 ; // Exit case for zero

decimalNumber = 0 ; binaryNumber ; // Exit

Let (
theResult = Mod ( decimalNumber ; 2 ) & binaryNumber ;
decimalNumber = Int ( decimalNumber / 2 )
] ;
Dec2Bin (decimalNumber; theResult) )

) // Case

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