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NPVV ( cashFlowsList ; interestRate )

Calculate Net Present Value of a value list (not a repeating field) of cash flows with a specified rate of return.

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Lewis Lorenz   Lewis Lorenz
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NPVV ( cashFlowsList ; interestRate )

Created: 4-5-2013
Modified: 1-2-14
Author: Lewis C. Lorenz

Calculate Net Present Value of a value list of cash flows (cashFlowsList) with a specified rate of return (interestRate). Used to determine the present value of an investment by the discounted sum of all cash flows paid or received. Calculates Net Present Value from a value list instead of a repeating field that FileMaker Pro requires with its NPV function. Provides more flexibility and ease of use than the built-in function, with the same calculation results and similar speeds.

NPVV ( "-500000¶200000¶300000¶200000" ; .1 ) = 80025.0262960180315552
NPVV ( List ( -2000 ; 600 ; 300 ; 500 ; 700 ; 400 ) ; .05 ) = 164.7584131734254368
NPVV ( List ( -5000 ; 10000 ; 0 ; 10000 ; 10000 ) ; .1 ) = 18434.1916535755754388

DISCLAIMER: Using this NPVV function, several calculations were compared against the results obtained on other NPV calculators and the results matched. However, that does not guarantee a correct result in every operation of this custom function, so you assume this risk when you use it.

NOTICE: This is a recursive function. If you change the function name then also change it in the function code.



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