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NextRenewalDate ( ordered ; renewal.period )

Works out the next time a date occurs, within a given yearly cycle.

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James Glendinning   James Glendinning
James Glendinning

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  Sample input:
NextRenewalDate (01/06/2000 ; 3)
  Sample output:
If today is

01/06/1999 = 01/06/2000
02/06/2000 = 01/06/2003
02/06/2004 = 01/06/2006

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

Will return the next instance of the given date after today, determined by the number of years.

Useful for determining things like renewal periods on services, which may have renewal periods of 1,2,3 etc. years.



TKnTexas   TKnTexas, Irving Texas
Dec 2, 2012
By the description this would seem to be the CF I need. However I am not sure of how to craft it into my database. Can ORDERED and RENEW.PERIOD take fields? Is ORDERED a field listing the renewal dates by return-delimited?
James Glendinning   James Glendinning, Sydney
Dec 2, 2012
Hi TKnTexas,
As with all custom functions, you'll need to import this into your filemaker pro database using the Manage Custom Functions area of Filemaker Pro.
ORDERED and RENEW.PERIOD are required fields - ORDERED is a date field; RENEW.PERIOD is a positive integer.
The result of the calculation is the next renewal date, based upon the current date of the host system.
It won't provide a tab-delimited list of dates, unless you write a script to do so.
TKnTexas   TKnTexas, Irving Texas
Dec 3, 2012
Thanks James. I got the function into the right place of Filemaker. I am just not understanding it to integrate the function into use.

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