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SetRepeatingVariable ( variableName ; valueName ; startIndex ; endIndex )

Sets a range of variable repetitions to a specified value

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Kevin Frank   Kevin Frank
Kevin Frank & Associates

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  Sample input:
SetRepeatingVariable ( "$$test" ; "green" ; 1 ; 3 )
  Sample output:
"green" in reps 1, 2, and 3 of $$test

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I do a lot of charting using variable arrays, and frequently I need a placeholder value, such as the word "null", in any array rep that doesn't contain data. I used to populate these placeholder reps using a scripted loop, but with this CF, a single line of code is all it takes.



John Leyman   John Leyman, Loma Linda, CA
Nov 28, 2011
Beautiful! An easy way to reset a global variable.
Bruce Robertson   Bruce Robertson
Dec 4, 2011
Fatal flaw; always hits recursion limit.

Original example file posted elsewhere works fine but this part of expression does not match the original.

endIndex = 0 and startIndex = endIndex

In original file it was:

endIndex ≥ 0 and startIndex ≥ endIndex
Kevin Frank   Kevin Frank, Arcata, CA
Dec 4, 2011
Thanks Bruce. Code has now been updated.

It must have gotten munged when I pasted it in to submit it here, because as you point out, it was correct in the original version.

This time around I'm using ">=" so am optimistic that the problem has been solved.

Bob   Bob, east hampton
Dec 8, 2011
So If I

SetRepeatingVariable ( "$$test" ; "MyField" ; 3 ; 1 )

It would put the contents of MyField in Rep 3 (only) of the $$test variable?
Kevin Frank   Kevin Frank, Arcata, CA
Dec 8, 2011
Not exactly... first off, if you only want to set rep 3, then you want "3 ; 3" as the final two arguments... because the starting and ending reps are both 3. The point is to specify a range of reps.

Next, since you've wrapped "MyField" in quotes, it will be treated as a text string, so you would end up with "MyField" in $$test[3], assuming you started with

SetRepeatingVariable ( "$$test" ; "MyField" ; 3 ; 3 )

Hope this helps,

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