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BusinessDays ( startDate ; endDate )

Returns the number of business days between two dates (inclusive)

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Jeremy Bante   Jeremy Bante

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  Sample input:
BusinessDays ( Date ( 11 ; 10 ; 2011 ) ; Date ( 11 ; 30 ; 2012 ) )
  Sample output:

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

This function returns the number of business days (non-holiday weekdays) between startDate and endDate (including both startDate and endDate).

This function is dependent on the BusinessHolidays ( calendarYear ) function to produce a list of observed holidays in a given year.



Brian Rich   Brian Rich, Hampshire UK
Feb 22, 2012
Business Days() imposes a severe performance hit of several seconds if the startDate parameter is empty, and returns a ? as the result.

I added a case statement to a modified version of the function so that if the startDate or endDate are empty, or the endDate<startDate, the function returns a null value and doesn't try to evaluate - viz:


Let ...


Jeremy Bante   Jeremy Bante, USA
Feb 22, 2012
Thank you for letting me know. Normally I prefer to let the consequences of bad input filter through, but performance is different. I opted to return "?" rather than null to be consistent with error behavior for FileMaker-native functions.
aruna   aruna, india
Nov 29, 2013
can i have coding for buisness days function?
Thiyagarajan   Thiyagarajan, Test
Nov 12, 2018
We have weekly holidays Friday and Saturday. Where I need to change the condition in this custom function ?. Please advise.

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