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GetValueIndex ( valueList ; valueString ; matchCase ; occurrence )

Return index to value in valuelist. Search case sensitive or insensitive. Search for occurrence from front or end.

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  Sample input:
GetValueIndex ( "Alpha¶Bravo¶Charlie¶Echo" ; "charlie" ; False ; 1 )
GetValueIndex ( "Alpha¶Bravo¶Charlie¶Echo" ; "charlie" ; True ; 1 )
GetValueIndex ( "James¶Bill¶James¶Frank¶James¶Ed" ; "james" ; False ; -2 )
  Sample output:

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GetValueIndex (valueList, valueString, matchCase, occurrence)

by Lewis C. Lorenz.
9/20/2011 Created
9/22/2011 Modified.

Retrieve the index of the matching valueString in the valueList.
Returns 0 if not found.
Optionally toggle case-sensitive searching by passing a boolean through matchCase.
Optionally search for specific valueString occurrence (a negative occurrence number causes backward search from the end of the valueList).

NOTICE: While this function is optimized to be single-pass when possible, this is a recursive function; so, if you change the function name remember to also change it in the function code.

GetValueIndex ( "Alpha¶Bravo¶Charlie¶Echo" ; "charlie" ; False ; 1 ) = 3
GetValueIndex ( "Alpha¶Bravo¶Charlie¶Echo" ; "charlie" ; True ; 1 ) = 0
GetValueIndex ( "James¶Bill¶James¶Frank¶James¶Ed" ; "james" ; False ; -2 ) = 3



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