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FilterASCII ( text ; extended )

Removes characters from text, retaining only printable ASCII characters.

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Michael Horak   Michael Horak
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  Sample input:
FilterASCII ( "$10 (£8) to Mæstro Hœfler, ©2010 Résumé & Co. " ; 0 )

FilterASCII ( "$10 (£8) to Mæstro Hœfler, ©2010 Résumé & Co. " ; 1 )
  Sample output:
$10 (8) to Mstro Hfler, 2010 Rsum & Co.

$10 (£8) to Mæstro Hfler, ©2010 Résumé & Co.

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

Removes characters from text, retaining only printable characters included in the American Standard Code for Information Interchange (US-ASCII) character set.

The following characters are passed by the filter:
• Horizontal Tab [9];
• Carriage return [13];
• Space [32];
• Characters [33]..[126].

When the extended parameter is True(1), characters in the extended ASCII character set range [128]..[255] are also passed.

This function is NOT recursive.



Bart Bartholomay   Bart Bartholomay, Vero Beach
Mar 27, 2011
In your second example I notice that the "œ" should be retained under "extended".
comment   comment, VR
Mar 27, 2011
No, it shouldn't. The example is designed to demonstrate the difference between "æ" [230], a member of the extended ASCII charset, and "œ" [339]. The highest code in the set is 255.

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