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ListFound_Conditionnal ( Field ; start ; filterField ; filterItem )

List of values of one Field of a table under condition of the value (filterItem) of a second field (filterField) of the same table

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Frédéric Bruckert   Frédéric Bruckert

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  Sample input:
ListFound_Conditionnal ( Name; 1; Job; "nurse")

Field::Name, Field::Job

Field::Job has several values (doctor, secretary, nurse,..)
  Sample output:

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This function is useful to summarize fields of a table without table occurency.

it's easy to load the result in a global variable to use it in the solution.



Bruce Robertson   Bruce Robertson
Feb 6, 2011
The function can be simplified as shown below.
Oddly, I find the empty string before the second getNth is required to ensure the calc operates properly.

Case( start <= Get(FoundCount) ;

thisvalue = Case( GetNthRecord ( filterField; start ) = filterItem ;
"" & GetNthRecord ( field ; start ) );

next = ListFound_Conditional ( Field ; start + 1; filterField; filterItem ) ];

List( next; thisValue )
Bruce Robertson   Bruce Robertson
Feb 6, 2011
Oops, that should be list( thisValue; next)
Frederic Bruckert   Frederic Bruckert, France
Feb 6, 2011
Hi Bruce.
Thanks for your comment.That's another approach, more simple and clear. I did not think to simplify, because my CF was working.
Best regards.
Andrew Yates   Andrew Yates, London, UK
Feb 18, 2016
I seem to be having really mixed results with this. It's exactly what I've been looking for, but I'm getting this to list a related field. The results show as expected. But it seems that if I narrow down the search (of the parent table where the list field is), it shows up blank. Any thoughts?

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