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stateSalesTaxRate ( state )

Outputs the tax rate for state that was passed.

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Jason P. Scharf   Jason P. Scharf
DB Services, Inc.

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  Sample input:
stateSalesTaxRate ( "IN" )
  Sample output:

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This function will provide the state sales tax rate for all 50 states, and D.C.

You can provide a state in one for three formats: full name, standard abbreviation, and postal abbreviation (e.g., Indiana, Ind., IN).



Bruce Robertson   Bruce Robertson
Feb 3, 2011
WA state tax is address-specific, see:
Andy Frazier   Andy Frazier, Mx4Px
Feb 4, 2011
State rates are a good start...but check out NY rates, which have multiple rates per city. Or TN - they have rates which vary by county and purchase amount. Sales tax is a bit of a rabbit hole issue no matter how you slice it. Unless you live in NH ;-)
Bert   Bert, Los Angeles, CA
Feb 8, 2011
CA has a base tax rate that is then increased based on the county/city/district rate.
Even within a County we can have more than one final rate.
Jason Scharf   Jason Scharf, Sellersburg, IN
Feb 10, 2011
I have to agree that the fucntion falls short! Does anyone have a good idea on how best to account for the tax codes of states like OH, CA, and NY?
Sean   Sean, Birmingham
Mar 3, 2011
This should not be a function, but rather a table and have a lookup copy the tax data over.

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