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Creates a universally unique identifier suitable for use as a primary key in FileMaker number fields.

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Jeremy Bante   Jeremy Bante

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Creates a numeric universally unique identifier suitable for use as a primary key in FileMaker number fields. The UUID is composed almost entirely of random digits. This may be useful in some situations to preserve the anonymity of the conditions that generated the UUID. The values returned by this and related functions have a one-to-one correspondence with UUIDs following the RFC 4122 standard - all values in the format generated by this function can be converted to RFC 4122 canonical form, and visa-versa.

For most practical purposes, FileMaker will ignore the text delimiters in values returned by this function.

These functions generates UUIDs that are meaningfully sortable. Values sort by version, then creation order, then node (creation device).

This function creates a (decimal) numeric UUID, which has performance advantages for file size and find speed in FileMaker. The value can be converted to RFC 4122 canonical form (hexadecimal) with the UUIDGetAsRFC4122 function.



Amy gill   Amy gill, Nuneaton
Dec 25, 2011
I wonder how I could recreate h in FileMaker pro 11?
Brian Ginn   Brian Ginn, Louisville
Jun 13, 2012
I really enjoy this cf. Thank you Jeremy for creating and sharing it.
David   David
Sep 16, 2012
Thank you!
Reinier   Reinier, Rotterdam
Nov 4, 2012

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