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Google2DBarcode ( Width ; Height ; Data )

This simple little calc will create a URL to generate a 2d barcode to be viewed in a web viewer

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Bill Koller   Bill Koller
Anchor Consulting LLC

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  Sample input:
Google2DBarcode ( 90 ; 90 ; "Hello this is the barcode I created" )
  Sample output:

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Nothing Fancy here just a quick custom function to generate a 2D barcode to enable users to scan data from the screen onto their phone or print out a 2D barcode to be read by a 2D reader. I am displaying the Barcode in a webviewer with 2 px padding on each side.



Che   Che, London
Oct 26, 2010
I am just a little confused on how you would implement this onto the web viewer, could you please give me some pointers.

Bill K   Bill K, Cottage Grove, MN
Oct 26, 2010
What would you like to to know exactly? The how is create a web viewer object on your layout than add this custom function as the url. This will then display the barcode in the web viewer.

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