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ExtractPortion ( textField ; prePortion ; postPortion )

Extract a portion of a text field

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Doug Elam   Doug Elam
US Home Systems, Inc.

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  Sample input:
ExtractPortion ( "" ; "www." ; ".com" )
  Sample output:

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The "middle" function is nice, but it requires you to know how many characters you want to extract. Sometimes, you don't know this, so you have to make complicated calculations to extract data. This is a simple function to extract data between point A and point B.



Daniel Wood   Daniel Wood, Digital Fusion Ltd
Sep 22, 2010
Note that this extracts the contents between the first occurrences of prePortion & postPortion in the text.
Mike Beargie   Mike Beargie, MainSpring, Inc.
Sep 30, 2017
This function actually fails in instances where the first occurrence of the postPortion is before the first occurrence of the prePortion.

<div class='test'>some content</div>
<div class='test2'>some content</div>

If I run:
ExtractPortion ( thatfield ; "<div class='test2'>" ; "</div>" )

it will fail due to the first "</div>" occurrence.

You can correct this in changing:
end = Position ( text ; postPortion ; 1 ; 1 ) - 1 ;

to this:
end = Position ( text ; postPortion ; start ; 1 ) - 1 ;
Carl Riedel   Carl Riedel, Curator Contender
Mar 17, 2020
Any way to make this a recursive function? Does anyone have a suggestion? I need to get multiple instances from a text field.

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