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assembleBarGraph ( theList )

assembleBarGraph is a recursive Custom Function based on a clever Web Viewer's example

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Edward Souza   Edward Souza
Nossoestudio Som & Imagem, ltd

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  Sample input:
Jan 87 00f & ¶ &
Feb 187 C0C0C0 & ¶ &
Mar 222 00FF00
  Sample output:

Jan 87

Feb 187

Mar 222

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assembleBarGraph is a recursive Custom Function based on a clever Web Viewer's example named "Live Bar Graph", written by Mr. Bruce Robertson, and posted at His example inteligently draws Bar Charts using only HTML data scheme.

Mr. Robertson explained; "The data protocol supports entering complete HTML into the URL address field ... you can have a live, calculated HTML that displays instantly in Web Viewer with NO SCRIPTS and NO FILE EXPORT."

Since I favor using FileMaker native tools and functions whenever possible -- and rely on plugins or external applications only when it is utterly necessary -- I decided to give Mr. Robertson's example a deeper look, and realized its code could be generated from a recursive CF.

Please read the short text that precedes the code itself for instructions.



Bruce Robertson   Bruce Robertson
Sep 17, 2010
Thanks! Small problem - missing closing ">" character for td in expR and expFn.
Edward Souza   Edward Souza, Victoria, BC, CA
Sep 17, 2010
Hello, Mr. Robertson,

Thanks for pointing out the "small" problem; I have already corrected it, together with other "minor" grammatical errors. :-)
Your WebViewer example is really great; once again, thanks for sharing it.


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