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AS_Dialog_Choose_Color ( result_field ; output_format ; default_color )

use Apple color chooser to choose a color in formats Filemaker decimal, FileMaker RGB, css RGB and HEX

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Thomas Siebert   Thomas Siebert

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  Sample input:
Perform AppleScript [ AS_Color_Choose ( table::target_field ; 0 ; table::target_field) ]

Perform AppleScript [ AS_Color_Choose ( table::target_field ; 1 ; "#FF0066") ]
  Sample output:


  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

Apple/Mac only.
opens the Apple standard color chooser via AppleScript and returns the result as RGB values or HEX to a FileMaker text field.

input / output_format:
0 = FileMaker Decimal --> 10053171
1 = RGB, (FileMaker style) --> RGB (153;102;51 )
2 = RGB, (html/css style) --> 153,102,51
3 = HEX, (html/css style) --> #996633

Use the cf within the scriptstep "Perform AppleScript".
Choose the option "Calculated AppleScript".

You also shall use "Perform AppleScript" directly from a button.



Michael Holznagel   Michael Holznagel, Germany
Apr 3, 2010
Apple Mac OS 10.5.8/FM Pro Advanced 10: Works fine. No Snow Leopard required.
Thomas Siebert   Thomas Siebert
Nov 14, 2015
complete rewrite of the function.
the whole code is AppleScript now.
Thomas Siebert   Thomas Siebert
Apr 25, 2017
New input/output format: FileMaker decimal
The number is usable within the function "TextColor ( text ; RGB ( red ; green ; blue ) )"
such as:
TextColor ( text ; 10053171 )

some errors in color conversions corrected
Thomas Siebert   Thomas Siebert
Apr 25, 2017
canceling color chooser dialog doesn't return an error message anymore

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