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ShowValue ( text ; altText )

Attempts to show a value, if it's empty, shows an alternate value

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Chad Sager   Chad Sager
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  Sample input:
ShowValue ( Student::LastName ; "No Last Name" )
  Sample output:
No Last Name

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

PURPOSE: to show a value if it exists and if not, use an alternate.

text - the text you want to display
altText - an alternate text to show if the primary text is empty

IMPORTANT NOTES: remember if you want any or all the parameters to be empty, just use "" (double quotes)


ShowValue ( Student::LastName ; "No Last Name" )

Will return an "No Last Name" When last name is Empty

ShowValue ( Student::LastName ; "No Last Name" )

Will return an "Smith" When last name is "Smith"



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