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ChecksumAdler32 ( text ; seed1 ; seed2 )

Creates a checksum of the input text bases on the Adler-32 algorithm.

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Vaughan Bromfield   Vaughan Bromfield

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  Sample input:
ChecksumAdler32 ( "wikipedia" ; 1 ; 0 )
  Sample output:

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ChecksumAdler32 ( text ; seed1 ; seed2 )

The initial values for seed1 and seed2 must be 1 and 0 respectively.

Adler-32 is a checksum algorithm which was invented by Mark Adler.
This custom function was written by Vaughan Bromfield .

This function is based on the algorithm published on the Adler-32 page on Wikipedia (accessed 2010-02-17)

The published algorithm used ASCII encoding and returns a hexadecimal result; this cf implementation uses Unicode encoding and returns a decimal (base 10) result.

There may be other differences.

All care taken but no responsibility. Your mileage may vary.



Vaughan Bromfield   Vaughan Bromfield
Nov 11, 2010
Could the people that rate the function poorly please add a comment to let me know what the disappointment is. Thanks - Vaughan.

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