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cfGetEveryNthValue ( pList ; pStart ; pIncrement ; pInputSeparator ; pOutputSeparator )

Extract every Nth item from a list; allow starting value and list separators to be specified

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Kevin Frank   Kevin Frank
Kevin Frank & Associates

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  Sample input:
cfGetEveryNthValue ( "A~B~C~D~E~F" ; 2 ; 3 ; "~" ; "$" )
  Sample output:

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Recently I needed to reduce a list to "every other" item in that list, i.e., the 1st item, the 3rd item, the 5th item, etc.

It occurred to me that in the future I might need, say, every third item rather than every other item, and that I might want to begin with something other than the first item on the list. It also occurred to me that I might want to specify a list separator other than a hard return, for either the input, the output, or both.

That's how this CF came to be.



David Nahodyl   David Nahodyl, Atlanta, GA
May 9, 2015
This worked perfectly for what I needed to do. Giant list of 2800 points to graph, more than necessary and more than WebDirect could handle in a graph. I was about to write my own function and came across this by chance for another project. Thanks for posting this!

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