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GetNthRecordFiltered ( primary_fieldname ; controlvalue_fieldname, recordNumStart ; recordNumEnd ; filterValue )

This function enables you to select a set of related records of a single field based on a value of a second field that is filtered by a keyword.

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  Sample input:
GetNthRecordFiltered (locationName, FoodServed,1,100,"Pizza")
  Sample output:
Pizza Hut
Johnny's Pizza
Pizza World
Sal's Pizza

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

Use this function to obtain a list of values based from a field based on the filtering of another field. In the example listed in the sample input we have a field called locationName which holds a list of eatery locations. In the FoodServed field in the same table as the locationName field we have store the values of the food items served at the location.

The function loops through the return values of the related field and only returns the locationNames of the records that contain the filterValue in the FoodServed field.



Steve Woods   Steve Woods, Antiquity Software
Nov 19, 2018
I think there is a bug where related values that are a single character get merged with next related value.

In line 25, should be Length(thisVal) > 0 instead of Length(thisVal) > 1 i.e.

If(Length(thisVal) > 0; "¶" ; "") & GetNthRecordFiltered(primary_fieldname;controlvalue_fieldname;nextStart;end;thevalue);

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