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None ( relatedField ; rFieldCount ; soughtValue )

Permits evaluation of portal contents to identify the existence of no occurrence of the desired value

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Edwin M. Hopkins   Edwin M. Hopkins
Edwin M. and Christina A. Hopkins family

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  Sample input:
None ( PortalView :: Whatzit ; PoltalView :: Tally ; "main" )
where the portal displays under the Whatzit title the values "old" "near" "around the corner" "former"
  Sample output:
1 (that is to say, true)

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

With an intuitive identity, this function evaluates a collection of related records (for instance through a portal) to determine if none of those records meet a specified criterion on the specified related record field and returns "false" for the whole collection of related records if even one matches and "true" for the whole collection of related records if none at all match. This is just as easily accomplished by not Any (), but I think None () is a bit more intuitive.



comment   comment, VR
Jul 21, 2009
See my comment re your Any() function.

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