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FormatTimestamp ( _ts ; _f )

PHP standards 4 timestamp, date and time formatting

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Thomas Seidler   Thomas Seidler
The Good Book Company

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  Sample input:
FormatTimestamp(Get(CurrentDate); "Y-d.m")

FormatTimestamp(Get(CurrentTime); "g:ia")

FormatTimestamp(Get(CurrentTimestamp); "RFC822")

FormatTimestamp(Get(CurrentTimestamp); "d.m.y - H:i:s")
  Sample output:


Wed, 06 May 09 16:44:47

06.05.09 - 16:44:47

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

I looked at, but wanted something to be using Timestamps, so either date or time i pass, it can format nicely... i think this is a nice generic function, and cos it uses Exact, u can add to it without worrying about substitution order etc...

To learn format options go to:

Timezone stuff don't work. If you wish to go the extra mile and get that working go for it and email me at tom "@t" seidler [dot] co_uk and i'll update this...

I've commented out the ordinal suffix option, cos it depends on another custom function, but kind of useful (



Thomas Seidler   Thomas Seidler, London, UK
May 6, 2009
apologies to any who've used this so far, a few bugs, you know how it is with Mod(x - 1; divisor)+1 etc - i left em out in some places... notably the g and h, just corrected...

get in touch if u find any bugs...

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